Anydesign’s commitment to the Treedom project continues by offsetting CO2 emissions with the planting of 1,000 trees.

More trees, less CO2. Since the company was born, we have kept an eye on environmental protection. The choice of natural materials for the products, the Certifications intended to guarantee respect for nature and the world of work, the search for alternative fabrics with a low environmental impact are the paths we want to continue to follow.

Also this year we support those who take care of our planet.

The CUTCO2 forest is still growing in 2021 with a total of 1,000 trees (in Colombia, Tanzania and Kenya) to offset the equivalent of CO2 emissions that have occurred for the transport of its goods since 2019 (by land, by sea and by air for a total of 256 tons of CO2), thus also financing the agroforestry project to support small local farmers and their families.

trees planted until early this year

Every new year ANYDESIGN will undertake to recalculate the impact of the transport of goods and to plant new trees. A little support for the planet and for the people who care about it.

Treedom is the only web platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow it online.

Since its foundation in 2010 in Florence, more than 3,000,000 trees have been planted in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and contribute to environmental, social and economic benefits. Thanks to this business model, Treedom has been part of the Certified B Corporations since 2014, the network of companies that stand out for their high environmental and social performance.

Each Treedom tree has an online page, is geolocated and photographed, and can be kept or virtually given to third parties. Thanks to these characteristics, the Treedom tree involves people and is at the same time a communication and marketing tool for companies.