Every bottle abandoned along the roadside, every plastic bag carried down to the sea, leaves an indelible mark on the environment. From the very beginning, we have made pro-environment choices our business, in production and in the rigorous standards we demand of our suppliers. 

Anydesign’s company mission is to transform the enormous quantities of plastic we discard as waste into new, useful objects featuring interesting, innovative design. Transparently.

This is why our company has obtained CSI Recycled Plastic certification: to guarantee that our shopping bags and products in PP contain at least 30-50% post-consumer recycled plastic by new product weight. What’s more, the CSI Recycled Plastic mark on the shopping bag guarantees product compliance with Italian Law no. 28 of 24 March 2012 concerning thickness and percentage composition of recycled plastic. CSI Recycled Plastic certification is issued by CSI SpA in accordance with the guidelines of EU Directive 2004/18/EC and Italian Ministry of the Environment Decree no. 203/03 (visit the website) (Recycled plastic products: 30-50% – licence no. RPP160023).


E.V.A. is a plastic material with important characteristics: resistance to wear, atmospheric agents and ultraviolet rays, it is non-toxic, does not discolor and is water-repellent, therefore easily washable. The material that is the basis of our production is recyclable (where required by local regulations) and, in an important percentage (90%) composed of recycled post-industrial EVA certified CSI Reycled Plastic. E.V.A. is our advantageous alternative to P.V.C., a material that many companies are trying to eliminate from their production cycle for the damage to the environment and health.


PET, the material from which plastic bottles are made, can be 100% recycled and offer new eco-sustainable products with excellent qualities. It is recyclable without harmful emissions. Recycled PET is environmentally friendly, the company’s carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced, for every kilogram of recycled PET, up to 3 kg of CO2 is saved.