Stonepaper is an answer to sustainable development for our planet. Since its main component is mineral powder (calcium carbonate) and not wood pulp, objects made from stone paper contain no cellulose from trees, and since production uses no water or bleach – as is instead the case for production of traditional paper – it is a valid, more eco-friendly alternative. 

Our stone paper manufacturer has obtained ISO 14001: 2004 certification for its management system; the material itself has passed the REACH tests and obtained C2C Silver Certification. Stonepaper is a cellulose-free paper made primarily of mineral powder bonded with a small percentage of resin (high-density polyethylene: HDPE). No trees are cut to manufacture stone paper and therefore using it protects our forests, our environment. Above all, it is very similar to traditional wood-pulp paper in terms of flexibility and has a higher resistance to tearing, in a 1:1 and 2:1 ratio. The stonepaper manufacturing process uses no water and no bleach and does not generate harmful gases or waste. Production waste and scraps can easily be recycled to produce more stonepaper, which can in turn be recycled with other plastics or remade into stone paper again. The product is not biodegradable but it is photo-degradable and compostable in suitable conditions. Stonepaper is waterproof. It does not absorb liquids and therefore requires less ink than does traditional wood-pulp paper during printing – and the result is an extremely high-quality image.