The Retail Purchasing Consortiums has changed its supplies of reusable shopping bag for the new rules of the Direttiva italiana sul Decreto ministeriale 2004/18/UE e 203/03 dealing with traceability, transparency, the minimum guaranteed amount of recycled plastic and the thickness of the material. Anydesign has promptly responded to the request for Esselunga Spa since, for some time, is the holder of the CIS Recycled Plastic certification (Recycled Plastic Product: 30-50% – RPP160023 license). Anydesign and CSI Recycled Plastic, with controls on factory, offer a certified and monitored product regularly; in this way Anydesign is also able to provide the company with the number of tons of recycled plastics material for its reusable shopping bag.

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Francigenaemotions. Items to remind

The project was created with the opportunity to design, produce and sell original objects along the route of the Via Francigena. We have designed, from the logo to the designs of pendants, bracelets, t.shirt and had them produce companies which guaranteed the quality and the use of natural materials. The inlaid pendants are hand assembled with three types of wood: mahogany, chestnut and mimosa. The sticks are made of chestnut. The shirts are made of organic cotton with screen printing with water-colors. We have taken care of the communication on the store and the creation of the website.

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Its great to say that we use recycled plastic instead of creating new, but it’s even more rewarding to be able to say with certainty how much old plastic we have effectively reutilized. This is the new AnyDesign project dedicated to the environment. Thanks to the traceability and to the Certification of our product, we are able to supply our clients with effective figures showing how much recycled plastic they have actually been used in the production of their new shopping bags. What we offer is a concept/food for communication: if the company is aware of the problems of the environment and offers products that recycle plastic why not pass this gratification on to the final user by involving and informing them? “If you buy a bag that is re-useable you are helping the environment: this company has recycled up to date 11,100 tons of plastic!” On our site it’s already possible to see how much plastic we have recycled in the production of products for our clients, because we wish to give credibility to our efforts and commitment in help the environment.