We design our products to be reused and reduce the waste load.

The Anydesign S.r.l. mission is “promoting reuse to reduce waste” which, in a nutshell, describes our continuous research on new materials with the lowest environmental impact and with acceptable production distances to guarantee a real circular economy. With the aim of offering our customers personalized, sustainable and traceable bags, pouches and cases. These products will be the guidelines of a conscious production and, also and above all, made in Italy.

At the moment we offer our bags and packaging:

  • Recycled PP woven (CSI Recycled Plastic – lic. n° RPP 160023) • (GRS – lic. n° CB-CUC-1154264)
  • PP non woven – TNT (GRS – lic. n. CB-CUC-1154264)
  • Recycled PET (GRS – lic. n. CB-CUC-1154264)
  • Recycled EVA (CSI Recycled Plastica – lic. n. RPP190047)
  • Recycled cotton and polycotton (GRS – lic. n. CB-CUC-1154264)

On some of our products we offer environmental impact assessment, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) along the entire life cycle, to prepare the label (or product sheet) with the real ecological footprint of the bag.

Using these materials, we have created a new line of certified bags:

The way to save the environment has been traced, Anydesign S.r.l. it is ready to travel it together with those who share its importance.
October 12, 2022: Anydesign srl recycled for its customers



The CUTCO2 forest is still growing in 2022 with a total of 1216 trees (in Colombia, Tanzania and Kenya), to compensate for the equivalent CO2 emission occurred for the transport of its goods from 2019 (by land, by sea and by air for a total of 377,55 tons of CO2), thus also financing the agroforestry project to support small local farmers and their families. Every new year ANYDESIGN will undertake to recalculate the impact of the transport of goods and to plant new trees. A little support for the planet and for the people who care about it.