Bags and packaging in recycled PET, recycled PP and recycled EVA, laminated TNT and Polyester

RPET is post-consumer recycled PET plastic, we can offer the shopper or packaging with the certification GRS license no. CB-CUC-1154264.

The material is recyclable.

PP woven is post-consumer recycled polypropylene, we can offer the CSI Recycled Plastic certified shopper license no. RPP 160023.

The material is recyclable.

The EVA material is pre-consumer recycled, we can offer CSI Recycled Plastic certified packaging RPP 160023 license or alternatively the GRS certified material.

The material is recyclable.

PP non woven with a part pre-consumer recycled or entirely post-consumer recycled, we can offer your new bag or packaging with GRS certification license no. CB-CUC-1154264.

The material is recyclable.

Non-woven laminated with a part recycled from pre-consumer and recyclable.

Polyester (from the same family as PET) similar to nylon, not recycled, but recyclable.

Bags and packaging in regenerated fibers

GRS certified cotton and polycotton license no. CB-CUC-1154264. For more information on Regenerated Cotton click here

Bags and packaging in natural fibers

Jute is a natural fiber with a low environmental impact and is easily compostable.

The Bamboo. The antibacterial properties of the plant make the use of fertilizers and pesticides superfluous.

Cotton and Organic Cotton. It is important to point out that conventional cotton has a high environmental impact and we advise you to use recycled or organic cotton instead of classic cotton. In Europe, the legislation that regulates the production of organic cotton is the EC regulation n°834/2007 of 28 June 2007. The most used certification for organic cotton is GOTS.

Linen is a natural fiber and we can offer your shopper or packaging in OEKO-TEX® certified linen

Tencel® is advantageous not only because its use is environmentally friendly, with a low impact, but also because it is compostable.

Organic viscose and MaterBi Novamont. Anydesign Srl is able to supply compostable shoppers (EN 13432 standard) based on cellulose fiber (Lenzing™) and MaterBi (EFO5B).

Paper is also a material that we offer, but as you will discover, our products are really different and our paper proposals lend themselves to reuse for the beauty of ideas.