The regenerated cotton bag made in Tuscany

Cotton is the most used fiber in the world and its production costs the environment a lot, right from the cultivation in the fields, not to mention the dyeing treatments and finishing. For this reason, cotton must not be wasted but valued, the products must be designed to last and at the end of their life they must return to being a raw material, to relive in new products.

Clothes and fabrics that are in good condition can be donated or resold. On the other hand, those that are not reusable and are to be thrown away (post-consumer) must be recycled.

To this material is also added the cotton collected by the manufacturing companies as cuttings or scraps (pre-consumption) and which, in this way, re-enter the supply chain.

Today Anydesign S.r.l. is able to offer regenerated cotton for its shopping bags. The advantages, from an environmental point of view, are tangible: for 1 kg of regenerated cotton (compared to normal cotton), 14,740 liters of water, 1.1 kg of pollutants, 56 kWh of energy, 10.5 square meters of soil are saved. cultivable and 23 kg of CO2 in emissions. *

This experience stems from the Prato tradition that formed the “Cenciaioli“, who have always been indispensable workers for the area’s economy and for the fashion industry. They are the ones who carry out the first selection of fabrics collected with the skill that has been handed down for generations and today offers the opportunity of a profession that was about to disappear.

Even if the regenerated fabric does not have to be dyed to be eco-sustainable, we have a range of basic colors (the treated fabrics are selected by hand for quality and color) so wide that it excludes the color bath.

The company that produces the regenerated cotton works by recycling the water used in production and the energy that moves the machinery is produced from renewable sources.

Customization is also done in a sustainable way through screen printing only with water-based color.

The mission of Anydesign S.r.l. it is “promoting reuse to reduce waste” which, in a nutshell, describes our continuous research on new materials with the lowest environmental impact and with acceptable production distances to guarantee a real circular economy. These will be the guidelines of a conscious production and, also and above all, made in Tuscany.

* Equivalent company data